The age of new energy vehicles
has arrived!

Cleaner air and green environment are the sources which are essential for us to live generation after generation, and also the desired conditions for every one of us. The influence of car exhaust on the environment has attracted the world's attention. To completely resolve the problem, great efforts should be made to develop the new energy vehicles represented by electric vehicles. With its experience in the development and production of lithium batteries, TESSONNE provides integrated solutions of safer and more durable power batteries for car manufacturers, to facilitate the fast development of new energy vehicle industry.

The power battery is the key to continuous innovation of new energy vehicles.

The car industry is undergoing a profound revolution. TESSONNE knows it deeply that, for new energy vehicles, the power battery system is the core part, and safety, battery life and cost are all the factors influencing users' experience and industry upgrading. Therefore, through deep cooperation with car manufacturers, TESSONNE keeps innovating on scientific research to improve the product performance and boost the continuous development of new energy vehicle industry. It also reduces the cost of battery systems scientifically so as to reduce production cost of the whole vehicle, which makes a safer experience with reasonable cost available to more users.

We expect to provide users with safe and reliable driving experience.

We believe that it isn't merely the technique and product that need changing. TESSONNE's NCM/NCA lithium batteries meet the users demands for safety, reliability and long battery life, and can be widely used by electric passenger vehicles (BEV, PHEV, HEV, SS), delivery vehicles, buses and other new energy vehicles to provide users with quality driving experience.

Green energy, servicing for live
材料: 三元
电芯容量: 2.6Ah
型号: 18650
工作温度: -20℃-60℃
工作电压: 3.6V
系统寿命: >1000次
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