What will the world be like when there is an Energy Storage System (ESS)?

The energy industry is gradually shifting from the original thermal power and atomic power generation to wind and solar power and other environmentally-friendly powers. However, it can't be denied that man utilizes less than 30% of the entire wind power and solar power. With ESS, the electric energy conversion rate can reach nearly 90%, which will tremendously change the energy structure, improve the energy efficiency, and reduce energy loss and waste. It will be a blessing for the 21st century under the energy crisis.

Provide ESS solution for energy storage

TESSONNE provides ESS solutions from KWh level to MWh level for residence, commerce and public utilities to gradually nurture an eco-system of clean energy, to bring customers an outstanding valuable experience of high energy, long lifespan and excellent quality and to gradually help the world get rid of fossil fuel.

Concept of ESS
To explore the infinite possibilities of energy
To reach the infinite wonders of life

TESSONNE was born with dreams and keeps exploring the history and future of energy. It stores sustainable and renewable energies (e.g. solar power and wind power), manages the electricity supply, saves electric charge, provides electricity backup and strengthens the flexibility of power supply grid. In the future, we expect to keep making innovation breakthroughs of scientific research along the road to explore new energy and to meet the expectation of building an environmentally-friendly world.

Green energy, servicing for live
· 维护管理费用低
· 温度适应范围广-20℃-60℃
· 重量轻、体积小、能量密度高


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