Sustainable management
TESSONNE complies with sustainable management to create sustainable future values for staff, customers, partners, shareholders and the public, and wishes to serve the society with its influence.
Environmental health and safety
TESSONNE makes efforts in respects of safety-first management and maximum reduction of the influence on the environment. It compiles the Secure Management Handbook of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health, and manages safety and health of occupational environment, to ensure the effective operation of the health and safety management system on quality, environment and occupations.
  • Observe the law and regulationsObserve the law and regulations

  • Keep innovating on production processprovide green products and service

  • Based on social responsibilitysupport the social improvement of environmental safety and healthiness

Green production
TESSONNE sets up the green production system featuring intensive use of land, clean production, waste recycling, and low carbonization of energy. In 2017, TESSONNE was awarded as the National Green Factory.
  • Zero production releaseno industrial effluent

  • Solid waste recycled and reused

  • All productscomplying with ROHS environmental standards

  • Build NMP recycling systemoptimize energy structure

  • Comply with TS16949 standardskeep improving production management system

Recycling economy
TESSONNE connects its management concepts with social environment to build an industrial chain involving material, cells, system integration and recycling. It also masters the cascade utilization technique of the entire industrial chain and makes the industrial chain a closed loop to hold responsible for the environment.
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