We have leading research and development ability in the industry and our capabilities speak for profession
  • Our capital of research and
    development accounts for 8% of the total sales

  • We have 5200 square meters of
    scientific research building

  • We have professional R&D team
    with more than 200 employees

To build a national technology incubation and testing center

TESSONNE Nanjing Research Institute is a comprehensive research center integrating various functions like materials research and development, testing and verification, etc. It devotes itself to becoming a national technology-developing and testing center, and has different research branches such as battery technology, battery application, battery equipment and so on. It refers to various subjects and fields like electrochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analog computation, quantum chemistry, thermal engineering, applied electronics, software engineering, analog computer, material mechanics, mechanical design, etc., and has applied for and achieved many patents. Its technical research and development is first-class in the industry.

  • Top talents around the world
    In 2017, TESSONNE has gradually launched the introduction plan of international talents. As of now, the corporation's R&D team has more than 200 scientists and technical personnel at home and abroad, providing strong guarantee for technological innovation and customer service.
  • Cooperation with scientific research institutes
    TESSONNE implements deep cooperation with excellent and efficient scientific research institutes at home and abroad and determines to become a professional research institution of international battery development and production and a constitutor of battery industry standards and domestic standards.
  • Advanced precise instruments
    TESSONNE is equipped with different instruments and equipment, such as the most advanced fully-automatic surface area analyzer of nitrogen adsorption ratio, BTY-B2P permeability tester, Metrohm Karl Fischer titration, laser particle analyzer, GC-MS electrochemical workstation, SEM+EDS chemical analysis, electrochemical analysis, thermal analysis, reliability test, thermal safety test, and mechanical safety test equipment, etc., whose total number is over 5000.
  • Three research centers
    TESSONNE has three research centers, including battery technology, battery application and battery equipment. They gradually couple with each other from battery foundation, production to application, provide strong support for product quality, and bring benefits to users and keep them at ease.
  • Research center of battery technology

    It has an experienced professional team of basic technology of battery, independently develops various technologies such as batteries' cathode and anode materials, electrolyte, isolation membrane materials, battery structures, mechanisms, etc. and grasps the design core of chemical system of Li-ion battery, with the fundamentally competitive ability of batteries.

  • Research center of battery application

    It gathers talents in global think tank and has an industrial leading level. Its research area covers different applications and technologies, such as PACK, BMS, thermal management technology, efficient cooling technology, unique design structure, simulation analysis and algorithm and so on, ensuring the consistency and safety of the whole product to the greatest extent.

  • Research center of battery equipment

    It focuses on various advanced and intelligent manufacturing instruments and technologies, including automatic production of NCM/NCA Li-ion battery equipment and battery PACK, and automatic production and assembly of electronic components, realizing the intelligent and green production of NCM/NCA Li-ion battery.

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