TESSONNE, the era of great capacity
Keep total annual capacity ranking among the best
  • exceeds 5 billion yuanThe investment

  • divided into 3 phasesThe base construction

  • about 300 mu (around 49.42 acres)The covering area

Intelligent production and manufacture

TESSONNE makes huge investments to introduce multiple automatic production lines and leads to build the whole intelligent production workshop in the industry. It has many full-automatic production lines covering all sections including loading, winding, assembly, capacity grading, formation, etc. Without artificial interference, it ensures battery's consistency and stability to the maximum range. At the same time, it is one of domestic production lines which has leading grades in daily capacity of single line, intelligent level, energy saving efficiency and scale manufacturing cost at present. This conforms to national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)'s policy requirements –"the integration of informatization and industrialization".

  • Automatic production
    ESSONNE's intelligent manufacturing lines are equipped with advanced MES system, which can realize different functions such as control of production and quality, traceability of product batches and raw material sources, etc. As of now, based on their automatic level, operating costs are reduced by 20%, product development cycles are reduced by 20%, and production efficiency are increased by 10%, which significantly improves battery's core competence like consistency.
  • Scale production line
    TESSONNE totally invests more than 5 billion yuan to establish Weinan industrial base with over 300 mu (around 49.42 acres) of covering area. The production line of the first period has produced in a full capacity, the line of the second period has gone into operation, and the line of the third period has been prepared. It is expected that the capacity amounts to 8GWh after completion of three periods, which contains moderate flexibility in the high degree of automation, rapidly responds to customers' massive orders, and ensures superior quality of products.
  • Customized program
    Power battery and energy storage system is a highly precise and matched industry. Deeply understanding customer needs, TESSONNE independently designs, develops, produces and integrates the power system of cells, and cooperates with customers in the whole industrial chain to deeply develop customized programs.
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